Tyst mikrovindtrumma genererar lika mycket el som 16 solpaneler

En vindtrumma på hustak som genererar lika mycket elektricitet som sexton solpaneler. Aeromine Technologies har utvecklat en trumma som monteras på hustak och som driver en turbin från vinddraget som trumman orsakar.

Aeromine is motionless. The technology leverages aerodynamics similar to airfoils on a race car to capture and amplify each building’s airflow. Requiring just 10% of the roof space needed by solar panels, the stationary, silent, and durable Aeromine unit generates around-the-clock energy in any weather.

Aeromine systems consist of 20-40 units installed on the edge of a building facing the predominant wind direction. Designed to work seamlessly with a building’s existing electrical system, the combination of Aeromine’s wind solution with rooftop solar can generate up to 100% of a building’s onsite energy needs, while minimizing the need for energy storage.

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