Minsta vindpust ger elektricitet med ny teknik för mikrovind

När hem, kontor och gator fylls med batterier blir varje gnutta elektricitet meningsfull. En ”wind harvester” som jobbar i det tysta natt som dag och minskar hushållets eller kontorets behov av elektricitet. Så här små och billiga energiverktyg innebär dessutom att en familj kan montera många.

The wind harvester uses a simple system in which vibrations, caused by the movement of its body in the wind, create charges on an attached film. An electrical current is then created as the charges flow from an aluminium foil to a copper film.

The device can produce three volts and generate up to 290 microwatts of electricity from exposure to winds with a velocity as low as two meters per second. This is enough to power a commercial sensor and send data to devices like a mobile phone or a computer.

Its ability to create energy from lower wind speeds makes the device attractive for use in urban areas that see slower wind speeds on a day-to-day basis.

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