Lagrad elektricitet i bilar

133 000 elbilar kör idag på svenska gator och antalet ökar snabbt. Det betyder att vi har batterikapacitet på över 8 gigawattimmar (GWh) som skulle kunna användas för att ladda andra batterier, till exempel hushåll, tåg eller eldriven industri. Tekniken är känd under namnet Vehicle to Grid, något som japanska företaget Honda utvecklat i många år.

Described by its maker as a “fully-integrated energy transfer system”, the Power Manager Concept is designed to regulate the flow of electricity between a home or office, and the rest of the electricity grid.

In its envisioned use case, the Power Manager “intelligently [balances] demand and efficient storage of energy”, deciding what to do with energy generated by a roof-top solar panel array, as well as when to charge and discharge an EV’s battery pack.

Ideally, an electric vehicle would charge overnight when overall grid usage is low and prices are cheaper, and feed surplus energy back into the grid during the day when demand is higher.

Drive: Honda Power Manager Concept plugs EVs into smart electricity grid

I Tyskland har nu företaget lyckats med ett försök att ladda nätet från en uppsättning av elbilen Honda e.

The pilot used real-time information from Next Kraftwerke about current power capacity, while Honda’s own power management system was able to respond within required standard time to charging and discharging commands of the TSO to each individual vehicle.

Further, and importantly for widespread commercial adoption, Honda’s management system was also able to ensure the continued state of charge (SOC) preferences of the individual EV drivers.

The Driven: Honda EVs to serve as virtual power plant in Germany

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