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En väldigt aktiv gemenskap i en av Amsterdams kanaler, Schoonship består av 46 flytande hus som har skapats av de boende själva.


  • The houses are very well isolated (EPC = maximally 0) and are not connected to the gas system.
  • We heat the houses with heat pumps. The pumps extract warmth from the water in the canal (aquathermie) und we use passive solar energy as much as possible.
  • The tap water is heated by solar water heaters and heatpumps. All showers are equipped with a heat recovery system.
  • We generate our own electricity with photovoltaic solar panels. Each house has a big battery that stores temporary surpluses.
  • All the houses are connected to our smartgrid. This grid enables us to exchange electricity in a smart way. With 46 households we have only one connection to the national energy grid.
  • We have separate streams for the disposal of grey water (from the shower, washing machine and so on) and black water (from the toilets). In a pilot in cooperation with Waternet in the nearby future the black water will be transposed to a floating processor (a digester), where it will be digested and turned into energy. Waternet will also extract phosphate from the waste water.
  • All houses have a green roof that covers up at least one third of the roof surface.
  • We share electrical cars, cargo bikes and e-bikes.
  • We have used sustainable materials and sustainable installations wherever we could. For more information check out our Greenprint.
Schoonship Amsterdam

Vad har det för betydelse

Ambitionerna är många. Att minska matsvinn genom gemensamma inköp och hantering av mat samt att erbjuda ekologiska odlingar en säljkanal. Att rengöra vatten med plantor. Ett mikronät för elektricitet som effektiviserar elanvändningen och som andra ska kunna koppla sig till. Att dela erfarenheter och kunskapsverktyg med omvärlden för att hjälpa andra grupper att utveckla sitt boende.

Mellan raderna

Schoonship vill sprida kunskaperna de samlar och har en ambitiös plan som de redogör för öppet.

As mentioned, the floating gardens were instantly put to good use by grebes, ducks, swans and coots. Due to certain constraints we had to keep the two circular floating gardens attached to the jetty, so during the birds’ breeding season we protected them from cats by installing little protective fences.

Schoonship Amsterdam

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