Tåg som laddas med solenergi

Vad händer

Siemens har börjat testa att ladda tåg från solpaneler på tåg längs brittiska East Coast Mainline. Projektet utforskar även laddningsmöjligheter för batterier på tågen.


The first project will allow the company to complete the final stages of technical development of a solution that allows solar energy to be fed directly to trains. Funds for this development have been provided by the Department for Transport through Innovate UK’s ‘First of A Kind’ programme. The study aims to overcome the engineering problems that have so far prevented renewable power to be used for supplying 25kV trains and supports plans to demonstrate the use of solar energy to power trains on the East Coast Mainline later this year.

Railadvent: Siemens Mobility partners with University of York to explore use of solar energy to power UK’s trains

The second contract will look into the prospects of launching a charging station and how it can facilitate charging on-train batteries in areas that are not electrified.

Railway Technology: Siemens wins contracts to enable solar power use for UK rail

Vad har det för betydelse

It is hoped that the small, low-cost design will allow diesel passenger trains to be replaced by electric on routes that are not continuously electrified.

Rob Morris, Managing Director, Rail Infrastructure for Siemens Mobility said: “Transportation in Britain accounts for 27% of carbon emissions and electrification of the country’s rail network is vital to transform the everyday journeys for passengers and accelerate the journey to net zero.

Railadvent: Siemens Mobility partners with University of York to explore use of solar energy to power UK’s trains

Mellan raderna

In the railway sector, installing solar panels on sleepers would presumably make sense. In 2018, the company Greenrail was awarded European funding for sustainable railway sleepers. At the time, the firm said it was planning a research and development programme for solar sleepers. Bankset Energy already offers solar panels connected to the railway traction system for sleepers, and currently has several test sites in operation in Germany.

Railtech.com: Siemens Mobility receives UK funding for solar solutions for trains

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